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Seniority is proud to offer an array of services that cover the wide scope of needs among our clientele. We do so by working directly with patients and partnering with care facilities and physicians to help provide patients with the access to high quality medical care they need by bringing healthcare to them. 

Who would benefit from our In Home Medical Care Model?

  • Home Bound (Private Homes & Care Facilities)

  • Elderly/Geriatric

  • Palliative Care

  • Dementia

  • Medically Fragile 

Your Dedicated Seniority Care Team 

We are on hand to help navigate the complex medical needs & challenges that the elderly face by offering:


  • Medical Care + Sick Visits

  • Medication Management

  • Symptom Control

  • Vital Signs Monitoring

  • Dementia + Mental Health Services

In Home Medical Care

High quality and comprehensive healthcare no longer means having to make that trip to the doctor's office, instead we come right to you. We see our patients in their homes, whether in a private residence or an Assisted Living Facility.

Mental Health + Dementia Care

Seniority offers a dedicated mental health team to meet our patient psychiatric needs. Additionally all of our staff is well versed and experienced working with patients with dementia, this ensure thoughtful, proper care that is always managed with safety as a top priority.

Chronic Disease + Symptom Management

Our collective goal for our patients is simple, to feel as well as possible on a day to day basis and to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. This is accomplished by the collaborative efforts of your dedicated care team; in order to monitor and oversee your chronic medical conditions and identify early on any interventions or treatments that are needed to keep you feeling your best. 

Telemedicine + Remote Health Care

Help is never out of reach! We offer our patients access to our providers via telemedicine and it is as simple as making a phone call. We can see patients remotely for both urgent and non-urgent appointments.

Healthcare that comes to you

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