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Our Story

Seniority Healthcare, formerly CCS Healthcare, was founded in 2016.  The founders mission was to create a company that focused on better care for seniors.  The founder's recognized that the senior population in the United States was underserved.  More so, those with physical and mental disabilities.  These individuals typically get lost in the healthcare system and suffer tremendous negative effects from multiple hospitalizations, medical procedures, and lack of care coordination.  Recognizing a system redesign was necessary, we embarked on a mission to develop a better delivery system for seniors. The team developed a care model that involved high frequency primary care visits for patients with multiple chronic diseases coupled with increased access to care through telehealth.  In 2018, psychiatric services were added to better assist our patients with mental health conditions.  This addition solidified our ability to care for our patients both medically and emotionally. 


In addition to taking care of our patients, the founders also wanted to focus on the health and well being of our team members.  The current healthcare has become very monopolized by corporations that have a misguided focus on profits over patients.  This can negatively affect the patient healthcare team relationship.  At Seniority, we realize the overall health of our team leads to better patient care.  We value our team members tremendously and strive to create positions that promote work life balance and fair wages.  Remarkably, Seniority has done this without any outside investment, allowing them to hold true to their mission of putting patients first always.  


Seniority treats patients in Senior Living Communities as well as their home.  We now proudly serve patients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.  Our program has significantly decreased the need for hospitalization and allows our patients to be seen in the comfort of their home.  We are proud of our dedication to our patients and families. 


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